Wholeness Retirement Workshop

Wholeness RETIREment Workshop 11/22/14    US flag

Repurpose, Empower, Transform, Inspire, 

Renew and Energize  

Congratulations! You’ve earned it! Retirement is a major live event and a journey towards new beginnings.

 When: Nov. 22, 9:30 – 2-30

Saturday – Rain or Shine

Where: Wayfinding Farm, Williston, Fl.

 RSVP – Barbara 304-282-0353

Wholeness Retirement explores the relationship of your present patterns to your new life purpose, passion and vision. Enjoy re-discovering who you are and what is important to you in a natural setting, away from distractions and social media, with the support of a Certified Coach and sentient beautiful horses.

What to bring – Your own sack lunch and wear farm cloths and covered shoes.      


Introductory Offer $65.00 Limited Space -RSVP Barbara 304-282-0353 (wayfindingwithhorses@gmail.com), Wayfinindingwithhorses.com

The horses and I look forward to seeing you.