What is Life Coaching Anyway?


What is Life Coaching Anyway?

I’ve been asked a number of times lately; “just what is life, well-being, purposeful or creative coaching*? In the past coaching was reserved for sport teams or an individuals who wanted to improve their fitness. But coaching has evolved; you now see it advertised for emotional, spiritual and well being. It is the “practice” of supporting those who choose to enhance their lives. It is for people who want to move forward as they set and meet personal or professional goals. It is for assisting you as you choose a life with vision, not one bogged down by limiting beliefs or patterns.

My clients are typically very successful and healthy people who recognize the importance of caring for their emotionally and spiritually well being, especially during times of change or stress. They often call for a session when they are feeling stuck or disheartened as life evolves, or when they want to make a big life change.

What Wayfinding With Horses offers, that is different from other coaching practices, is it’s experiential nature of coaching, allowing the client to “discover “ their own answers and navigate to the best or truest path. I believe the client knows the answers to their questions, but can’t see or find them for a number of reasons. As the client and coach are equals, transformation occurs quickly and can even be surprising, once a “light” or some “horse breath” is shown on the problem and the client becomes aware. Then as the horse, my co-coach energetically interacts and connects with the client in a natural setting, clarity, grounding and healing occurs. I like to call it “horse power healing” which seems to go right to the client’s essence. Maybe by “being with a horse” clearing their mind of static, this experience organically links them back to their own “natural genetic connection” with nature and the environment. Allowing them to get in touch with who they are and meant to be and finding acceptance. But what ever it is, the “horse sense” the client takes with them as they leave farm, has a profound impact on how they choose to life their life.

*Coaching, coaches or coach are not licensed therapists, psychiatrist, psychologist or consultants and, therefore, do not provide diagnosis or treatment.

Wayfinding With Horses Creative Coaching will add value to your life by helping you

  • Be present and live in abundance.
  • Determine which parts of you are authentic.
  • Wake each morning with purpose, passion and play.
  • Hear your career call and life goals.
  • Create balance in your life.
  • Discover the importance of living according to your values.
  • Explore new ideas and activities
  • Understand your nature and why you respond to stress the way you do.
  • Discard the blame game.
  • Live for today and contribute to all.
  • Simplifying your life
  • Understanding, listening and connecting with others.
  • Process grief.
  • Increase your awareness.
  • Determine which patterns support or hinder your life achievement.
  • Be accountable.
  • Embrace change and growth.
  • Reduce stress and free up energy

vianca cu oct 2011dIt’s the little steps that get us to where we are going. It is what we do when no one is watching or listening to us that defines who we are as a human being. Be the best you can be. Live in abundance. Transform your life and let your light shine so it will help, give hope and transform others.

Call Barbara, (304-282-0353) and set up a time and date to experience EGCM coaching for your self at her farm or by phone coaching. You deserve to take care of yourself and be the best you can be so you can help others and lift their burdens.