Celebration of Life


Celebration of Life for your Animal Friend

Throughout your lifetime, many  friends have left an indelible mark on your life. A soft nozzle to let you know they care and a wag of tail after a long day at the office.  A rub and purr that entices you to get up, move and smile. What about when you have headed out to the pasture  and you hear the soft neigh, a welcome reminder that you are cherished and needed.

img_6738I understand how important your animal friend and companion was to you. They are a intimate part of our family. Animals share our good times and bad, days and nights and lonely times and when they pass on and become part of the greater spirit, often the place in our heart where they stayed, feels empty and unsettling.

Our animal partner’s love and devotion is something that cannot be measured, it is a treasure given freely.   

Our animal friends and partners are a large part of our lives and when they leave to enter the spirt world, often a gaping hole is left in our heart and we are unable to mend it. Society says, forget it, it was just a pet, but we know differently.

Wayfinding With Horses offers a Celebration of Life ceremony to honor the love and devotion you had to each other. This cherished celebration can be during the last days of life or in combination with a memorial for after. It is a wonderful way to honor and let go so you can begin to remember the cherished times.

If you have lost a beloved animal friend and want to honor and celebrate their life, call Barbara at 304-282-0353 to set up a inspiring and loving Celebration of Life Ceremony.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened: – Anatole France 

Celebration or Memorial  – Select a personal private or group setting. 

Life Celebration!