Personal Time with a Horses will Change Your Life!

wwh lg logoDiscover Wayfinding with Horses, a place where you can explore, discover and restore. Unplug. re-connect. Navigate your personal trail. Explore your path, discover passion and purpose, remove doubt and  create a deeper connection to life as you partner with a beautiful, gentle horses. Discover your personal island of authenticity. Listen to the clues in your own environment, be empowered through awareness and live a life of clear choices.

What is it about a horse that elicits intrinsic, deep, visceral emotions? Why are we magnetically drawn to the horse? Is it their beauty, flowing mane or something more profound and deeper? More than the obvious human to horse physical or cerebral need for transportation, plowing or entertainment, the horse to human relationship is deeper and more profound. Because horses live in the present and have powerful intuition, they sense our core emotions and the true essence of who we are and what we can  become.

As life patterns are altered, opportunities are presented and we either step onto a path that leads to an authenticity or stay on the old familiar trail with behaviors that do not serve us, block the truth or our self expression. When exploring new trails and unique pathways with your equine partner, awareness of your own innate abilities and strengths are revealed. This intuitive sense of being (which coaching fully engages) when combined with the energy and insight of the horse, produces life altering insights.

Meet the Herd of Wayfinding with Horses

The wonderful herd of horses living here at Wayfinding Farms have been together for quite a while giving them a sense of history and balance. They have cared for their own foals and others, helped each other heal from trauma and welcomed all shapes and sizes into their midst. It’s their ability to watch over others, care, adapt, connect and respond while remaining strong, wise,  loyal and innately aware of others that make them so special. They will help herd help yo realign your mind, breath, body and spirit and get in touch with your inner compass or essence. They will remind you to live fully, be connected, trust your instincts, let go of ego and be part of rhythm of life.

Vianca is a the lead Andalusian mare who is theIMG_3827 essence of a leader.  She is noble yet wise and expects honesty and clarity from her clients .  She is the lead mare and observes everything; only sharing information when it for the good of the herd or best for the client. She is an excellent teacher, guide and amazing healer, allowing clients to fully express themselves.

img_2154Trace, is full of questions and suggestions!  She has high energy, is a keen observer, gets bored very easy and loves to play. She can open her stall or the feed room if I’m not careful. With people, she loves them when authentic and help’s those that feel stuck and or can’t clean out the cobwebs of self doubt.

Ginger is Love

img_5563Pip and Ginger are two miniature horses or VSSE’s (Very Special Small Equine) that are very big in heart. They love showing you their funny side while demonstrating you don’t have to be big to be great!