Wayfinding with Horses will safely and confidentially support your session. Discover total acceptance while in the presence of a horse.  Anyone who has ever partnered with or heard the whisper of a horse, knows that the horse is the ultimate listener and master healer of the heart.  Horses only know what they they know, they are always authentic.  They do not judge, lie, cheat or deceive. They are truth.Sign up now.

Coaching offered, One-One Phone Coaching, Personal and Family Coaching, Custom Group/Team Coaching, Gift Wayfinding Package Coaching

Pathways to Partnership – Individual or Group Clinics with you and your horse.

Passing Celebration – Private Ceremony for the loss of a companion or loved one.

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No Horse Experience required. Coaching at the farm is in a natural setting yet customized to your needs. Life is constantly changing. Stressful events such as divorce, illness, blended families, new job or loss can block our path and cloud our vision. When this happens, check in with your inner compass. How does your heart feel? Is your body stiff, your mind cluttered or spirit closed off?  Take your time, reconnect and follow the path that’s right for you. Trust your instincts and intuition,  feel lighter,  focused, regain balance and inner peace. 


I wanted you to know about some of the shifts in awareness that I have noted due to your coaching.  ……  I am being more mindful of the support that is coming in and being conscious of those who are offering support.  It is coming from unexpected places.  RK

Thank you, Barbara and horses[Belle, Vianca and V] My life has changed by leaps and bounds with you as my Coach. I have learned to live in the present. I continue to use the tools you taught me-daily. I show gratitude to lessons learned in past. thanking them and stay in the present. Looking forward to the future with joy and excitement. Each day it is easier to live from my heart [not my head]. My love and participation with nature continues to grow –peace and calm. Gratefully with love and blessings, Dianne

My young son is smiling, is more attentive and enjoying his partnering time with the horses.  At home, all he wants to do is place a rope around me and “ask” not demand of me. I am so pleased. He has shared with his 4-h group the horseman’s handshake and how to approach, wait, watch and honor.  He and I are learning the way of the horse and are so much  closer.  SM


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