Personal and Family Coaching

img_6698Horse Time is My TimeDoes life’s obstacles such as loss, family changes, new job or retirement, stop you in your tracks? Once you were doing well, but now feel unable to move forward or find clarity? Re-connect to your truth and re-find your path. Feel exhilarated as you swerve and transect life’s trails; there is no need to fear tomorrow. Flow. Live well. Inspire others. Thrive .

Begin your new journey with a very special equine partner and coach. Clients report that the time spent with horses changed their lives. To get the most our of your effort, Book A Coaching Session

Testimony “The coaching with Barbara changed my life. I had went through a dramatic change in my life and it put me in a state of depression. I was so confused. I questioned everything. … through her coaching she helped me to understand and love myself for the first time in my life. Barbara has a wonderful gift and am grateful she came into my life.” TF