Be the first to experience a wonderful 3 day horse camp, starting in February 2017. A three day camp, starting at 10:00 am on the 10th and ending at 3:00 pm on the 12th, where you and your horse spend time learning about each other, gathering and grounding online, in the saddle and off line. Become deeply connected, learn about each other and build a stronger heart connection. The 3-day Pathways to Partnership Horse Camp will intensify your relationship with your horse and your level of understanding and learning. At camp participants spend quality time bonding, learning about, caring for, teaching and being with their horse. They learn how best the horse learns, if it is bored or needs excitement and how “less” quickly turns into more. Stay here at Wayfinding Farm with others. Breathe, enjoy down time and be with your horse, your best friend for three days. Camp is limited to 5 – horses and their caregivers. The all inclusive Pathways to Partnership Camp includes 2 night bunkhouse, outdoor horse pen accommodations, breakfast, lunch and a camp fire dinner for only $360.00 – Sign up now or present as a Christmas Gift for you horse lover-lover!