May 13, 2014 Almost two weeks of Retirment

It is Tuesday morning; a woodpecker has taken up residence in the magnificent oak tree near the porch. He is determined to locate any and all tasty morsels through vibrations. Beautiful sounds, melodic, precise yet haunting.
This is the first morning I don’t need to be anywhere or meet anyone. I relish the moments, the first glimpse of sunrise, the mist hiding the length and breath of the pastures, the first sound of the morning dove, then blue jay, later the cardinal and now the woodpecker. He arrives only after the sun is high and the dew has evaporated into the lush thick air.

I wonder how I could have questioned returning home to Florida. She is vibrant, full of life and activity. Yes, like the mountain’s from which I came, with her beauty comes harshness. Not the harshness of winter cold but in the form of intense heat. I hear Florida question me, “Can you accept my contradictions; my beauty and hostility, my softness and roughness, my coolness and intense heat?” If the answer is yes, richness, abundance and surprise is yours to experience. If not, then my heat and fickleness may drive you out or into the confines of your air-conditioned self-imposed domicile.WWH Mist in Morning

Curious …. How do you view constant changes of your environment, lover, friend or family member? If you are one who has decided to Love and live life to the fullest, then you get to experience the good, the bad and the ugly. Right? When we consciously choose to fully live and Love, a funny thing happens; we get a free first class ticket to the front row of life where we experience the amazing vastness of life’s richness and intricacies. Pretty amazing, huh?