June- Do I still have to learn NEW LESSONS at 63?

hieroglyphDo I really have to learn NEW LESSONS at 63?

Ok- I’m feeling gnarly to today. It’s been 3 weeks since I broke my ribs and I’m still trying to figure out what “life” is trying to teach me.

I am resisting the lesson. Although at times I have let go and accepted that I am to rest, reassess and allow my body to heal. One such moment I gave into was on Friday.  In the cool of the morning, I found myself cleaning the horses, with no exceptions, no anticipated outcomes and no agenda. I’ was able to relish the pure sensation of the tickle of a soft muzzle on my check, the sound of swishing tails and the smells of earth mixed with sweet sweat. The sound of the brush as it smoothed out the rough coat and the comb as it removed tangles and leaves from the mane. To watch a stiff forelock become pliable and glisten in the sunlight. To hear the heavy breathing of contentment and watch the bellies move up and down, all 3 harmonizing to summers tune. Time became elusive. The world was right. I was where I was suppose to be.

However, the feeling of that moment, dis not last. In no time at all I lost my tranquil observation. My karmic energy dissipates and I am left with the realization that my life is changing. I am embarking down another path, one that matches my energy, age and wisdom. Not a journey of wishful thinking or one of unfulfilled dreams.  It is one that is planted in the here and now. One that will take me to new heights, sights and dimensions.

Darn it, does this mean I am to learn more life lessons. That the school of hard knocks does not stop once you hit 60+. Am I to be stretched, strained, molded and reshaped and then poured into another vessel of purpose. Life has many stages and so I let me get ready for the next rehearsal. I’ll learn my part, maybe stumble, fall or forget my lines, all the while embracing who and what I am yet to become. Hopefully for the benefit of others, I will be made over even better this time.

Here’t to healing, mending and getting better!