January – Is Your Path Overgrown?

Now is the time sit down, take a look around and determine if the path you are on provides joy and fulfillment?

  • Which of life’s trails or path have you not tended or require pruning, clearing or new footing?
  • Does your path have obstacles blocking your progress or distrIMG_0783acting you?
  • Is your trail worn down by going back and forth to nowhere or is it on the sunny,brightside and full of potential?
  • Does your path, trail or road enrich you, leading to an exciting and purposeful life?
  • Are you excited about going along your path, exploring it’s twists and turns and roundabouts?
  • Does your life’s trail provide a view or vision of abundance, spiritual light and gift of gratitude?

Let Wayfinding With Horses assist you to find and explore life’s many trails.

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