OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPathways to Partnership is a trust based method of teaching, understanding, learning, connecting and being with your horse. “Believe in your horse so your horse can believe in you” Ray Hunt. What does your horse say about you?  Does your horse feel safe, connected, respected and understood while in your presence or during the learning process? Learn why and how you and your horse respond to the unknown. Be the leader your horse needs to confidently step forward?  Breath, relax, bring trust back to your relationship. Have a Wonderful, Human-Equus Experience, a “WHEE” not be a you and me. Be the best, authentic human possible for your horse by combining the EGCMethod and Barbara’s extensive horse training background.

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Join Pathways to Partnership, an exploratory journey to partnership for you and your horse. “When you choose to follow your inner calling or path, an extraordinary entity emerges, You”. By following your truth or essence, a natural calm, assuredness and focus settles into your bones, fostering authentic communication, connection and trust. This inner guidance will create a deeper understanding, connection and partnership with your horse.

  • Learn when fear is useful or limiting, for you and your horse.
  • Breath and bring balance back to your relationship.
  • Heighten your innate awareness. 
  • Experience freedom liberty by feeling of and for the horse.  
  • Learn the basics, from the ground up about fair and honest engagement.
  • Encourage you and your horse’s spirit to soar.

To not need to control is to experience true freedom.” B.Broxterman.

fullsizerender-9Strengthen your understanding, connection by learning Herd Awareness. Discover trust and a level of bonding with horses, from the ground and not from on top of the horse. Learn the way of the Herd and trust based leadership.

Partnering with horses is best when you are emotionally stable (congruent), have clear boundaries and a fair leader. Within the horse herd there is a code or agreement which is innately understood assuring vitality, survival and longevity. This flexible realm of space, where, not time, but natural forces dictate life, death, learning, movement and direction, is a wonderful place to step into and experience. Combining the EGCMethod® and Barbara’s extensive animal background, learn the essence of partnership. Partnering with a horse, one of natures most beautiful, sentient and sensitive beings will take you into another world or realm where your ancient cellular memory will call and say”remember this, I too was once wild and free!


WHEE  Camp– Join us at WayfindingHuman-Equus-Experience Camp. Great for the person just getting back into horses or wants to brush up on horses. Come and be with my horses. Re-examine safety, trust and committing to the agreement to do no harm from the human and the horse’s perspective. Briefly touch on Equine History, Horse Type, Care: Grooming-Hoof Care-Dental-Vet-Feeds, Adjustments, Exercise, Play, Oils, Self Preservation and Herd Awareness. 2 day- camp $240.00 for camp.

Feb. 10-12, 2017 – Pathways to Partnership Camp (PPC). Be the first to experience a wonderful 3 day horse camp, starting in February 2017. Sign up now or present as a Christmas Gift for you horse lover-lover!

img_6526-1Partnership Level 1 – Partnering – What do you want with or from your partner? How do you “speak or communicate” with your horse? What does your horse tell you?  In the round pen and on-line, learn about your own temperament and your horses, recognize relaxation, energy, altered states of fight, flight or freeze, saftey and boundaries. Activities to strengthen mental, emotional and energetic connection. Who is leading whom? Is the horse always correct in their response? Sign up for 3 – 1.5 hour sessions – $180.00.



Partnership Level 2 – Bareback and In the Saddle.  Gain Relaxation, Balance, Trust, Choice, Movement, Connection, Trust and a deeper bond. This is not a riding clinic, it is designed for you to experience you and your hoses relationship in a whole new light. Sign up for 3 – 1 hour sessions – $210.00.

img_6364vianca cu oct 2011dLevel 3 – Partnership Offline – Why is freedom to choose so important to the horse’s mental and emotional development. Connect without touch. Play with no expectations. Feel free to express yourself with no judgment or control.

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