Be a LEADER! Create workshops for Youth and Teens and help them Build Self-esteem and Confidence

 Are you interested in working with young children, adolescents and teens but don’t know where to begin?  Then sign up for the 3 day Hero’s Journey with Horses Facilitators Training.  This comprehensive training was developed by workshop leader and EGCM certified practitioner Lauren Munger (https://sacredhoofprints.com/heros-journey-horses/). She has over 10 years experience with youth and has prepared an step by step formula for executing the material that has proven powerfully effective. Her proven curriculum will provide a safety net to practice and work with younger age participants. You will receive the knowledge to start your own business, an investment of only $950.00 (payments can be set up).Start your own business working and helping the youth. Sign up now! https://sacredhoofprints.com/registration-heros-journey-facilitators-training-williston-florida/

A Hero’s Journey with Horses Facilitator’s Training is a package put together by workshop leader and EGCM certified practitioner Lauren Munger of Sacred Hoofprints (sacredhoofprints.com). She has over ten years experience with these age group and put her know-how into an easy step by step formula for executing the material.

Lauren says, “I have always held the workshop close to my heart and have seen its effect on hundreds of children, teens and a few groups of adults. This is a simple workshop with seemingly profound results.”

This 3 day facilitator training is the complete package. It includes instructions for delivering a proven 5 session workshop, tips on how to handle specific situations.

Materials included in workshop:

  • Journal for the participants
  • Facilitators Guide
  • Audio CDs explaining each session formula
  • Taped versions of narrated stories

This training is a proven session by session formula that will give you a safety net to practice working with younger age workshop participants.

There are five sessions to the workshop.

In this session the focus is on individual vs group. What is it like to meet new people? What are the components of a successful group? We will talk about making a connection and experience it with the horses.

In this session we cover the importance of listening to one another as well as practicing the ability to speak in front of others. We talk about trust and explore it with the other participants as well as the horses.

This session explores self-esteem; what it is and how it gets damaged. Everyone works on their own self-esteem, identifying their own issues and go through an exercise with the horses which identifies the issues.

- This session goes into great detail about how to repair one’s self-esteem using role-playing to practice dealing with those who have caused the hurt. Emphasis is on effective communication and releasing feelings. There is an individual exercise with a horse and how to overcome obstacles in one’s life.

In the final session we experience discovering the hero inside and the heroic qualities everyone possesses. The final wrap up is discussing what each individual is bringing back to their lives from the workshop experience. There is a group exercise with a horse.

These sessions are designed to address and bring up specific issues and offer ways to resolve them. Some of the subjects addressed are trust, individual vs group, leadership, self-esteem, bullying, safe and unsafe people, feelings, conflict resolution, and discovering the hero inside.

In the Facilitator’s Training. each participant will first go through their own Hero’s Journey, experiencing the workshop exactly as the participants that they will teaching will. After that, you will be taught how to teach each exercise and the ins and outs and whys of each one. There will be ample time to ask questions. Questions about how to deal with specific situations will also be addressed.

Throughout the workshop there are stories and guided imagery which you will be given on paper as well as on a set of CD’s so that you can learn them before presenting them in the workshop. It is imperative that they be delivered as written, unless it is specified that you can make alterations to make it more appropriate for specific age groups.

There are also five separate exercises with horses, each supporting a theme. This is one area where you are free to add or change the exercises if you know of one that you like better from your experience as long as it is relevant to the theme of the session..

Lauren wants you to be free to bring yourself, your skills and personality into this workshop and there are plenty of places to do that. At the same time it is important that the integrity of the workshop be maintained so she ask that you stay committed to delivering it as it was written unless specified that it is okay to alter. It will be clear when those times are.

Similar to a franchise, once you purchase the Facilitator’s Training and become an Endorsed Workshop Leader you will be asked to use the name and the branding as it is in the mother organization. For more information see https://sacredhoofprints.com/heros-journey-horses-facilitators-training/.  The outline and framework of the program is not to be changed or altered. You will be required to sign a contract stating that you will deliver the workshop in its entirety exactly as you have been instructed.

Investment – $950.00

Breakfast, lunch, refreshments and snacks will be provided. We will go out on the town Friday and Sat. night and enjoy the local restaurants such as the Ivy House and The Horse and Hound restaurant. Winn Dixie is 10 min. for any of you needs.

When you register, you may pay in full or make a deposit of $500. The remaining amount of $450 will be billed to you 30 days prior to the workshop or you can pay on paypal below.

Bunkhouse/shared sleeping quarters and casual lodging at Wayfinding Farm is also being offered at $50 for 2 nights if needed.

Cancellations: No refund on $500 unless we are able to replace you.

Limited Participation-Sign Up Now – Longer term payment options are available

Facilitators Training Feb. 17-19


For more information see A Hero’s Journey with Horses Facilitators Training.  

Testimony: “I recently completed a training with Lauren Munger for her Hero’s Journey program.Lauren is an amazing teacher. Her dedication to children and families is apparent and her enthusiasm is contagious. Hero’s Journey is a wonderful program that I am thrilled to be able to offer for children and families. I highly recommend this training for anyone who works with or will work with children of all ages and families.” Beth, IL