Herd Awareness

Experience “partnering” with a horse, and build a new level of awareness where you  no longer are required to physically requests and the horse responds in kind.  When we feel of the horse; communicate on multiple levels as their movement, energy and how they position their bodies, legs, ears, eyes and nostrils tell us their story, then we are on the beginning to communicate in the language of equus. Are we grounded and in sync? Do we get a sense of their concerns? Is there fear, complacency, danger lurking, disease, stress, herd hierarchy changes, loss or addition of a horse, boredom or a sense of calmness? Acknowledging a horses concern or emotions can be a big step towards winning their confidence, thus forging a trust and respect based partnership. This insight will have a profound impact on how you relate to others.

IMG_2429Observe their nature while inter-acting and “just being” in the herd environment. As you understand how you respond and learn, then learn how your horse responds and learns. Watch them while in the herd.  Who eats and drinks first or last or who finds the better grass? Who is sheltered and protected and who is expected to stand up for themselves? Who is the observer, strongest, most coordinated, curious, the peacemaker, the follower, the one most keenly aware of their surroundings, the puzzle solver, the immature, the gatherer or the caregiver.


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