Hear it From the Herd

Last winter I started a weekly message called “Hear it From the Herd” and posted it on Facebook. I received some comments but all in all I really didn’t believe there was much interest in it. Then last week I found on Facebook, an area where comments and questions were made and I realized I was wrong. So….. here it is again, a weekly blog based on comments, questions or observations the herd has made of me or I of them.

1- Don’t let ego drive your decision making process or your horse!

Embarrassed to say I let my ego and need for control to take over for a split second. I apologize to my horse Trace and my sister who saw it. As Trace was barreling to the right, I damn it wanted to go left. So I did. However no horse went with me. Bullying took over. Partnering vanished. Common sense evaporated and I was propelled onto a fence post and now have 2 broke ribs and extreme lung and abdomen soreness. Lucky for me my angels saw to it that I was not severely injured and did not sustain internal organ injuries. LESSON. Don’t let Ego drive your decisions or your horse!

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