April 8 & 9

9:30-4:30,  Wayfinding Farm

Williston, Fl.

This 2- day fun filled camp is for you and your horse and presented by international clinician, speaker and author Carolyn Fitzpatrick of Equusology; Deciphering Human Horse Typology,(

Join us for a  Cookout Under the Stars dinner and Typology discussion from 4:30 – 8:00 on April 7. 

Build a solid foundation and relationship with your horse while deepening your understanding about horses.

Bring your horse and experience a fun filled two day class where you and your horse will improve your understanding of each other and form a deeper connection.  If you are unable to bring your horse, auditors are welcome. This course will greatly benefit your relationships, level of empathy, understanding and teaching advancement. Equusology is the art of human-equine relationship.

Experience two full days getting to know your horse even better than you do now.  Learn why it is so important to know your own and your horse’s typology.  Observe the signs of stress, mistrust, fear, understanding, comfort and willingness in your horse. Get amazing results as you ride and play with ground excercises developed to provide deep insight. Explore learning and interactions with each other that will provide clearer understanding of your horse’s method of understanding, learning and retaining information. This excellent clinic is for the individual and their horse or the instructor who is working with their own students and horses.   Build a solid foundation and relationship with your horse while deepening your understanding about horses.

Buy it now at this introductory price, as next year it will go up in price.  It is only $395.00. Pre- pay by March 15 and you receive a EQUUSOLOGY Book, a $26.00 value. Then join us for a cookout under the stars on Friday April 7; 4:30-8:00 to get to know each other better.  If you’s prefer a payment option, please contact me as well. Auditors are welcome and their fee is $150.00 Call or text Barbara 352-804-4224 to sign-up.


Lunch and snacks are provided each day for the participants. Limited overnight “bunkhouse” style lodging is available for $30.00/night as well as outdoor horse pens ($30.00/night). Call now to reserve!

This course will greatly benefit your relationships, level of connection, understanding and teaching. Equusology is the art of human-equine relationship. There are plenty of personality tests for humans, but nothing that helps humans understand their own personality and that of their horses. Equusology does just that. Horse enthusiast, owner or admirer are welcome to audit if not able to bring their trusty steed.

Limited spaces.