EGCMethod® Wholeness COACHING

Find your inner compass and thrive.  Tap into your own intuition, nourish your mind, body and spirit and heart and feel whole. It all starts from within, where your truth lives.  Let the horses, your coach and the beauty of nature help you brake the bond of negativity or fear that blocks your forward progress. Be unbridled and feel free. All sessions are private and your information will never, ever be shared. 

Individual or group sessions are booked in advance. When you arrive, you will meet at the barn and be introduced to the horses, then begin your discovery and healing journey, knowing your information will not be shared or discussed.

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COACHING -Call or sign up for a coaching (phone, personal or group) experience. There are also gift packages for the graduate, engaged or newly married, retired, corporate or new business owner. Contact Barbara to set up calls or sessions at 304-282-0353.

“I feel changes… with my diet, a calmness, I am quiet inside, peaceful.  There is not so much going on in the mind, going with the flow of life. Thank you so much, DG”

  • Call to schedule and discuss special pricing at 304-282-0353

IMG_2768“How we choose to live with change, will change us”  and when we choose our personal path, we become open and authentic as the natural flow of life surrounds and clears the trail.