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Horses waitingThroughout my career, as a engineer, retirement planning was mentioned every other year or so. In the beginning I did not sign up for the meetings because it seemed so far off and I heard from the older engineers what was discussed. I figured I had plenty of time to think about it and it was not on my radar. I heard there were two main areas that were stressed; be prepared for medical issues and have plenty of funds to get you through the remainder of the years. So I planned accordingly. I invested a certain % of my salary every year and prayed I would stay healthy.

About 10 years before I thought I would retire, I regularly started attending retirement seminars (today I’d say start planning right away). This was before Google and the extensive web information currently available. Back then; I relied on information provided in workshops, the library, investment brokers, friends and family. I stayed steadfast with my investments and saw small returns and a couple downturns, being instructed that this is where I needed to concentrate my efforts.

I soon realized year after year the outline for the seminars was the same. and knew something missing. Health and money was very important, but weren’t other aspects of my life equally important such as mental agility, flexibility and community. Where were the discussion of what I was going to do after I left my profession? How should I plan to stay creative and fulfilled?

Because I had a passion outside of my career field, I knew I wanted to further explore this passion once I left my career. Prior to retirement, I started taking classes, discovering new interests and learned more about who I was. I knew was more than a woman who soon would be devoid of 35 years of daily work and a recognized profession. I took a good look at my self, so that I would be able to live life fully, with purpose and passion, But these parts of life after a career where not mentioned in the retirement seminars.

During my last year of working before retirement, my work stayed stimulating, motivating and interesting right up to my last day. I left my office with a upbeat, positive attitude and entered retirement with the same great outlook. It was a habit I had created and intended to maintain. It was my choice and I felt good. I observed other workers fearful of moving on or doing something unfamiliar. I watched as co-workers counted down their last year with signs saying “Only XX More Days Till I’m Done” on their computers or had signs saying “Stick me with a fork when I’m done”. Funny? Maybe. But I wondered if it wasn’t it a bit sad to choose to stay in a state of limbo, perpetually forlorn or a bad mood for the last year or two of a career? I observed when their attitude indicated “work” was the only place they’d ever find fulfillment or the opposite; they couldn’t wait to leave.

If their attitude was indeed their work habit, I wondered how easy would it be to transition into a satisfying, fulfilling retirement?  

So, I decided to plan or approach my “last hurrah” or “stage of life”, after retirement differently. One I hope is blessed with good health, wisdom, kindness, fairness and generosity. My retirement plan did include finances and health but also it strategically clarified other critical areas of my life such as

  • 13% – Social –Family, Friends, Community Wholeness Retirement Planning
  • 12% – Environment – Home, Farm, Pets
  • 15% – Health – Emotional, Physical, Mental
  • 25% – Finances – Self, Tithing, Investments, Entrepreneur
  • 15% – Spiritual – Charity, Spirit, Nature, Love
  • 20% – Play – Creativity, Volunteering, Never Ending Improvement

These are areas that are important to my whole well-being.

These parts of my life are ones that I need to thrive, all of them, not just one or two. I want balanced, not have one area more important than another. Yes, at times my life becomes imbalanced and things get topsy-turvy. That is when I really need to take a good look at my wheel and figure out how I’m doing. To get back on track, I might need to adjust or change the categories, and that is fine because adapting and change is also part of my habit. A few months back, I found I was “playing” and expanding my mind (books and internet browsing). I found myself out of balance. My friendships became limited and family time was strained. My business started to suffer. I got in a slump, but then with some simple adjustments and checking my wheel, I saw what was happening. I started living in the present and came back into balance. Not a perfect wheel, but able to roll..

What is your Wholeness Retirement Plan? What does retirement mean to you? Be prepared to change and re-evaluate your likes and dislikes. Things change just as you have changed over the years. You have more experience and knowledge. The dreams of a 24 year old are very different from a man or woman of 63 or 65. Take the time to evaluate what and how you want your life to be at this later stage. Look at the balance in your life now. Is there too much time spent at work and not enough with the family? Choose to change that behavior. Explore the parts of the whole that are important to your long-term well-being. What makes your heart sing, what is fun, how do you play and what allows you to feel fulfilled? Try a new dance, learn a new game, swim or visit new places. Start now, to live life fully and thrive. These good habits will follow you into retirement.

Barbara is a certified EGCMethod life and wellness coach. She, along with her husband, dogs, cats, horses and cows, live at Wayfinding Farm, located near Ocala Florida. For more information about her life coaching business, Wayfinding with Horses, go to her website WWH.biz or call 304-282-0353.

Time Flys http://www.wayfindingwithhorses.com/time-flys/ Thu, 13 Aug 2015 19:10:10 +0000 http://www.wayfindingwithhorses.com/?p=1661 ]]> Vianca and Barbara on backEnjoy the New Blog at Women Move It Forward


June- Do I still have to learn NEW LESSONS at 63? http://www.wayfindingwithhorses.com/june-do-i-still-have-to-learn-new-lessons-at-63/ Mon, 01 Jun 2015 16:52:57 +0000 http://www.wayfindingwithhorses.com/?p=1629 ]]> hieroglyphDo I really have to learn NEW LESSONS at 63?

Ok- I’m feeling gnarly to today. It’s been 3 weeks since I broke my ribs and I’m still trying to figure out what “life” is trying to teach me.

I am resisting the lesson. Although at times I have let go and accepted that I am to rest, reassess and allow my body to heal. One such moment I gave into was on Friday.  In the cool of the morning, I found myself cleaning the horses, with no exceptions, no anticipated outcomes and no agenda. I’ was able to relish the pure sensation of the tickle of a soft muzzle on my check, the sound of swishing tails and the smells of earth mixed with sweet sweat. The sound of the brush as it smoothed out the rough coat and the comb as it removed tangles and leaves from the mane. To watch a stiff forelock become pliable and glisten in the sunlight. To hear the heavy breathing of contentment and watch the bellies move up and down, all 3 harmonizing to summers tune. Time became elusive. The world was right. I was where I was suppose to be.

However, the feeling of that moment, dis not last. In no time at all I lost my tranquil observation. My karmic energy dissipates and I am left with the realization that my life is changing. I am embarking down another path, one that matches my energy, age and wisdom. Not a journey of wishful thinking or one of unfulfilled dreams.  It is one that is planted in the here and now. One that will take me to new heights, sights and dimensions.

Darn it, does this mean I am to learn more life lessons. That the school of hard knocks does not stop once you hit 60+. Am I to be stretched, strained, molded and reshaped and then poured into another vessel of purpose. Life has many stages and so I let me get ready for the next rehearsal. I’ll learn my part, maybe stumble, fall or forget my lines, all the while embracing who and what I am yet to become. Hopefully for the benefit of others, I will be made over even better this time.

Here’t to healing, mending and getting better!

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Finding Your Heart – Feb. 15, 2015 – 10:00-3:30 – Wayfinding Farm, Williston, Fl. http://www.wayfindingwithhorses.com/finding-your-heart-feb-15-2015-1000-330-wayfinding-farm-williston-fl/ Fri, 30 Jan 2015 16:32:51 +0000 http://www.wayfindingwithhorses.com/?p=1485 ]]>  Sign up now. 

Sign Up

“Finding Your Heart Workshop”Girl Talk

Feb. 15, 2014; 10:00 – 3:30

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 5.01.43 PMwwh compassWayfinding Farm, Williston, Fl. 

Outdoor Venue and Light Lunch Included

RSVP – Limited small group

Bring a friend and receive a 20% discount

Contact Barbara at 304-282-0353

Come to the farm for a fun filled day, caring for your own heart. Share with the horses what you hear from your heart, when does your heart speak, where do you find your heart, how do you listen to your heart, what you do to honor and care for your heart. Hear a soft nicker, feel the warmth of their coat, look deep into their ancient eyes, let their breath stir your heart’s desire, find inspiration, feel free, empowered and be loved today. 

See presentationFinding Your Heart Feb 15

2015 SETTING THE GROUND WORK FOR THE NEW YEAR http://www.wayfindingwithhorses.com/2015-setting-the-ground-work-for-the-new-year/ Thu, 11 Dec 2014 20:03:10 +0000 http://www.wayfindingwithhorses.com/?p=1429 ]]> DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY- SETTING THE GROUNDWORK FOR 2015 – (see power point download) Make this the best year ever at a retreat or gathering on Jan. 2-4, 2015. Start the New Year out in a natural setting with horses, great food, beautiful settings and quiet. Set the tone for the new year. Have time for quiet reflection, gratitude for today , horse time, coaching, and set  your vision for the future.

2015 Setting the Groundwork

Touched by a Horse Anthology I and II now available! http://www.wayfindingwithhorses.com/touched-by-a-horse-anthology-i-and-ii-now-available/ Thu, 11 Dec 2014 17:28:20 +0000 http://www.wayfindingwithhorses.com/?p=1423 ]]> Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Barbara and the Herd at Wayfinding With Horses

I am really excited to share my story and poems about how horses have played a healing and inspirational role in my life. These books are a collection of stories centered around horses and the work that I do as an Equine Gestalt Coach. The short stories will transport you to a place of love and healing freely given by these amazing animals.

Click on the link to Order you your BOOK(S) now, just in time for the Holidays! http://www.touchedbyahorse.com/store/books.php


Wholeness Retirement Workshop http://www.wayfindingwithhorses.com/wholeness-retirement-workshop/ Sat, 11 Oct 2014 02:59:19 +0000 http://www.wayfindingwithhorses.com/?p=1217 ]]> Wholeness RETIREment Workshop 11/22/14    US flag

Repurpose, Empower, Transform, Inspire, 

Renew and Energize  

Congratulations! You’ve earned it! Retirement is a major live event and a journey towards new beginnings.

 When: Nov. 22, 9:30 – 2-30

Saturday – Rain or Shine

Where: Wayfinding Farm, Williston, Fl.

 RSVP – Barbara 304-282-0353

Wholeness Retirement explores the relationship of your present patterns to your new life purpose, passion and vision. Enjoy re-discovering who you are and what is important to you in a natural setting, away from distractions and social media, with the support of a Certified Coach and sentient beautiful horses.

What to bring – Your own sack lunch and wear farm cloths and covered shoes.      


Introductory Offer $65.00 Limited Space -RSVP Barbara 304-282-0353 (wayfindingwithhorses@gmail.com), Wayfinindingwithhorses.com

The horses and I look forward to seeing you.      

HEAR IT FROM THE HERD http://www.wayfindingwithhorses.com/hear-it-from-the-herd/ Wed, 08 Oct 2014 13:55:08 +0000 http://www.wayfindingwithhorses.com/?p=1289 ]]>  

Last night, after it cooled down a bit, the little horses reminded me to lighten up and have fun. We laugh together as the young foals ran in circles. Watching them reminded me that sometimes going nowhere can be as fun and exciting as going somewhere. Here’s to “going nowhere” and celebrating the ordinariness of  life!


OCT. 12, 2014 – Early morning, cool breeze and being in a great space to get our hooves crossing the ground. Feeling frisky and in joy to be alive. Here’s to a day of kicking up your heals.

Oct. 11, 2014 – I hear your friend is not feeling well. When one of us is a bit under the weather we gather around, find greens with white flowers and munch on thistle. Here’s to taking car of those we love and gathering round.

OCT. 10, 2014 – Birthdays are a wonderful day to say thank you to all that cared for me when I was little, sick or just didn’t feel so good. Also a day to say thank you for those that feed me, wash my coat and bring me special treats or get me out of the rain, because they know I don’t like to be wet. Here’s to many more birthdays and happy days.

Oct. 9, 2014 – Last night the full harvest moon brightly shinned down on us. We cantered around in it, then draped it around our shoulders. It flowed onto and into our manes, tails and soul. Soon we were dancing with the moon, the stars and celestial beings. Here’s to dancing with the moonlight and shining just as bright.

Oct. 8, 2014 – Here she comes, it’s been seven suns since we saw her. Bonnet and rope in hand. We are not doing too much in the heat. Maybe she will stay with us a while and listen to the munching of grass and our conversation. Good, she is sitting down and I see how she tilts her shoulder, it looks a bit stiff.  I’ll stand next to her for support, maybe that will help.  Here’s to just “being together” and learning more about each other.

Oct.7, 2014 –  The littlest one is lying down. She wore herself out running in circles. Her protector Mom stands over her. No one is to go past. Very well. It looks like the sun is high and a snooze is the next best thing. Ahhh, the feel of autumn sun on my side is such a welcome, good job little one, reminding me to enjoy the moment. Here’s to turning frustration into relaxation.

Oct. 6, 2014 –  Early morning, mist and I see a light in the house where he lives. That means food will soon be in our stalls. We are waiting in line, calling his name.  We hope he takes time to visit and share his dreams It seems, after we listen to him, his step is lighter after spending just a bit of time with us.  Here’s to stepping lightly today!

Oct. 5, 2014 – Oh look, here they come with a ropes and bonnets. Wonder what we will do today. Hope it’s not the same thing, round and round in circles, that is so boring and sometimes it makes my hip hurt. It would be nice if sometimes I got to go where I wanted, not to far, but maybe to the side of the field, you know past the woods. Here’s to doing what you want to do, then what I want to do and having fun both ways!

Oct. 4, 2014 – Here her friend comes again. Smells like my bonnet is clean. I’m so glad, I rubbed it on the wrong area in the field and it really stunk and made my face burn. Here’s to taking care of things and remembering to be grateful when others do so something nice.

Oct. 3, 2014 – The grass is tall, the air is cool and a breeze is blowing. We all are standing, hip to hip, staring off into space with bellies full. It is so great when we all stop and are silent. It is especially nice when she is here and shares this special space with us. Hear the silent humming of the earth, the grass, the breeze and our heartbeats, ahh… so sweet.  Here’s to silentley humming together.

Oct. 2, 2014 – My hoofs are clean and legs wiped down. The ancient sky mares say we used to go travel deep into the forest to get away from the flies. Today we all get the “stinky mist” that keeps them away. I used to be afraid of it’s buzzing sound, I thought it was a big, big biting fly. It took a while for me to understand but now I’m OK with the sound. Here’s to caring enough to bring the forest to me so the flies don’t bite.

Oct. 1, 2014 – The others heard her complain about how I acted when getting my feet trimmed. Why wasn’t she with me? I was so afraid when they put ropes on both sides of my face and I couldn’t get my balance. Then they yelled and their spirit got red hot.  I just wanted to go back to the herd.  Remember when you quietly picked my feet up and let me lower my head? It was nice that way. Not that I couldn’t learn how to balance and stand like the older horses, but it may take me awhile to get used to it. Here’s to allowing me the time to learn and understand.

Barbara is a Equine Gestalt Certified Coach and owner of Wayfinding With Horses (Barbara@wayfindingwithhorses.com), a life enriching business that specializes in assisting people who are experiencing life challenges and want to improve their relationships and partnerships with their horses and others. You can call (304-282-0353) or email her with questions.



What is Life Coaching Anyway? http://www.wayfindingwithhorses.com/what-is-life-coaching/ Mon, 15 Sep 2014 23:02:26 +0000 http://www.wayfindingwithhorses.com/?p=1234 ]]>  

What is Life Coaching Anyway?

I’ve been asked a number of times lately; “just what is life, well-being, purposeful or creative coaching*? In the past coaching was reserved for sport teams or an individuals who wanted to improve their fitness. But coaching has evolved; you now see it advertised for emotional, spiritual and well being. It is the “practice” of supporting those who choose to enhance their lives. It is for people who want to move forward as they set and meet personal or professional goals. It is for assisting you as you choose a life with vision, not one bogged down by limiting beliefs or patterns.

My clients are typically very successful and healthy people who recognize the importance of caring for their emotionally and spiritually well being, especially during times of change or stress. They often call for a session when they are feeling stuck or disheartened as life evolves, or when they want to make a big life change.

What Wayfinding With Horses offers, that is different from other coaching practices, is it’s experiential nature of coaching, allowing the client to “discover “ their own answers and navigate to the best or truest path. I believe the client knows the answers to their questions, but can’t see or find them for a number of reasons. As the client and coach are equals, transformation occurs quickly and can even be surprising, once a “light” or some “horse breath” is shown on the problem and the client becomes aware. Then as the horse, my co-coach energetically interacts and connects with the client in a natural setting, clarity, grounding and healing occurs. I like to call it “horse power healing” which seems to go right to the client’s essence. Maybe by “being with a horse” clearing their mind of static, this experience organically links them back to their own “natural genetic connection” with nature and the environment. Allowing them to get in touch with who they are and meant to be and finding acceptance. But what ever it is, the “horse sense” the client takes with them as they leave farm, has a profound impact on how they choose to life their life.

*Coaching, coaches or coach are not licensed therapists, psychiatrist, psychologist or consultants and, therefore, do not provide diagnosis or treatment.

Wayfinding With Horses Creative Coaching will add value to your life by helping you

  • Be present and live in abundance.
  • Determine which parts of you are authentic.
  • Wake each morning with purpose, passion and play.
  • Hear your career call and life goals.
  • Create balance in your life.
  • Discover the importance of living according to your values.
  • Explore new ideas and activities
  • Understand your nature and why you respond to stress the way you do.
  • Discard the blame game.
  • Live for today and contribute to all.
  • Simplifying your life
  • Understanding, listening and connecting with others.
  • Process grief.
  • Increase your awareness.
  • Determine which patterns support or hinder your life achievement.
  • Be accountable.
  • Embrace change and growth.
  • Reduce stress and free up energy

vianca cu oct 2011dIt’s the little steps that get us to where we are going. It is what we do when no one is watching or listening to us that defines who we are as a human being. Be the best you can be. Live in abundance. Transform your life and let your light shine so it will help, give hope and transform others.

Call Barbara, (304-282-0353) and set up a time and date to experience EGCM coaching for your self at her farm or by phone coaching. You deserve to take care of yourself and be the best you can be so you can help others and lift their burdens.