WFWH pencilOK- Take a big, deep breath Barbara.  Breath… this is what you have been striving for, planning for, we (the herd) said you could do it and now the count down has begun.

For the past three years I have been waffling back and forth weather to leave the beautiful hills of Pa. and Cross Winds Farm, to hunker down here and stay (something I’ve never, ever done in my life), or uproot one last time and return to Florida, Virginia or Maryland, where I know it is warmer and flatter. My herd prepared me, my family supported me as I traipsed around the country going to class, summit and cores to enlighten myself and awaken the sleeping urgency within. I attended and became certified as a EGCM practitioner all the while working as a Agricultural Engineer for the Natural Resources Conservation Service here in Morgantown WV, running the farm, gentling horses and running a small grass fed beef operation.

As much as I  love my engineering career, for quite a while, I have been yearning for a deeper connection with my horses and a way to share their incredible healing abilities with others.  A 180 degree,switch, you say?  Right, it is totally right brain left brain, but I know I have to lead from my heart, at this wonderful period in my life, and as I listen to it, it tells me to help others gain empowerment, vision and clarity so they to can pursue their dreams, find their passion and ignite their creative juices.

So this past December, it became abundantly clear to me I should return to Florida to practice EGCM and offer winter sessions and clinics to the other women and families that want to warm their bones from the winter chill and re-find or discover their own personal light and passion fire.

At the end of December, my husband and I took a quick, unplanned mont down to Florida to check out our trailer and clean up the property. Just around the corner, the forces of nature, wind, rain and nature coerced me to look for a place with a house and barn. There is was, a little farm just down the road found me. How I don’t know, but it called out to my heart and I could see, feel, touch and taste my vision of having a healing and heartfelt center where people could find their own way accompanied and inspired by the horses. The land and trees surrounded my conscious and I became one with it and so by the middle of January we had a contract in place.  Jan and I worked extra hard and got our farm ready to list by the end of January.  Crazy you say, to try and sell property in the middle of the arctic vortex!  But as faith and spirit would have it, there was a lovely couple searching for beautiful, enchanted farm and a mere 10 days later we agreed for them to become it’s new caretakers. Secretly I was hoping for a young couple, someone who would stay here a long time, cherish and love the land as I have and grow strong and prosperous with it.

Today the inspection was completed and as I understand all went well.  The realization that we are moving on, Jan and I, 4 horses, 2 mini’s, 3 cats and two dogs all vagabonding to Fl. to a welcome of sunshine, family and new experience.  Scared you might ask?  You bet.  Oh and did I mention I was retiring from working 37 years as a Agricultural Engineer as soon as the farm is sold?  Yep, doing two major things all at once.  Petrified? uh…. frightened.  Excited? Undeniable., Sad to leave- heartbroken, Worried about not seeing my grandchildren enough -immensely, Glad to go-yep a new adventure awaits..

So till next time, please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers and Lord, please watch over us and provide strength, fortitude and patience and anything else you know we need.