Pathways to PARTNERSHIP  Goes Beyond Riding    

This level of partnership with your horse extends way beyond riding. It is partnering through understanding, communication and respect, not intimidation, not dominance nor mechanical means. It is feeling for and of the horse.When was the last time you asked yourself, who am I through the eyes of the horse? Curious?  CALL WWH 

Pathways to Partnership

Pathway to Partnership sessions are offered privately at your location or here on the farm as private or group settings.  It is for those searching for a better connection and relationship with their own horse or two legged partner.

Using EGCM and horse sense, most sessions involve learning your body and energy awareness, recognizing the different levels of stress, herd dynamics (ferrel verses domestic), interactions and ground work.  Advanced students explore play and  liberty sessions with horses, where the truth about their relationship is revealed! Example of Sessions

  • Learn your innate temperament type and how it applies to your connection with your horse?
  • What is the horse’s temperament in the herd or with you? Does their personality change?
  • Learn the vocabulary and language of equus.
  • Discover the differences between domestic verses ferrel herds.
  • What value does your horse bring to the herd?
  • How does your horse respond to your request?
  • How are you part of your horse’s herd?
  • Do you spend time hanging out with your horse or herd, take the time it takes.
  • Are there bites, scraps or wounds when your horse returns form the field?
  • Why does your horse choose to be with you?
  • What do you and your horse do to have fun?
  • Listen and learn from your horses, what are they saying to you?
  • What does your horse do at feeding time, are you approached with respect?
  • Explore natural leadership with your horse?
  • How to “consider” whatever response your horse offers.
  • How do you share responsibility with your horse.