About the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®

EGCMethod® is different than any other type of equine coaching. With EGCM the horse is an active partner in the coaching and healing process. Using their combined wisdom and intuition, the EGCM coach and their equine partner will guide you through your experience. Working together, they will help you isolate the unfinished business that is causing you pain or blocking your path to success and happiness, according to Melisa Pierce, founder of EGCM (http://www.EGCMethod.com).

About Wayfinding With Horses

IMG_0653Wayfindng With Horses Mission: To provide an enriching, empowering, and safe environment where you, your family or intact business will experience wellbeing, healing and a deeper connection with nature, the horses and your own inner essence or guidance system.

I recently moved back to this area in 2014 and knew I wanted to serve offers, but differently than I had in the past. You see, after retiring from my professional engineering career I became a certified EGCM® practitioner and opened my Equine Gestalt Method Coaching (EGCM®) business called Wayfinding With Horses, LLC. I guess you can say I went from my head to my heart in an effort to continue to support others.

EGCM® was developed in 1989 and involves the horse as an active partner with the coach and the client’s exploratory and self-discovery process. Gestalt means “To make Whole” and this process helps guide the client back to wholeness, well being and emotional fitness.

Wayfinding with Horses offers supportive EGCM®  coaching to those who feel they have lost their direction, focus or connection to the very best of themselves. The path is there, it is only temporarily covered or out of focus.

When you choose to follow your own pathway or calling a beautiful entity emerges, You. “Mastering your way or true destination requires constant recalibration and verification to navigate life’s obstacles by your own inner compass.” What if you found a way to follow your heart, mind, spirit and body and rediscovered wonder in the everyday choices of your life. What if the best is right now and the present was surely a gift.  By choosing to follow your inner guidance system or compass, the heart, mind, body and spirit inexplicably linkup. When this happens, it’s almost like having runway lights along your path, turning on just at the right moment to light the way. You are no longer in the dark when connected to your source. Difficult or frightening events become easier to understand. Learn once again to depend on your own innate senses and heighten awareness.  

With the horse beside you, boldly step forward, enhance connections and experience your own inner power. Navigate your path with clarity. Set boundaries. Gain insight and clarity. Regain balance. Celebrate choices.



Why the name Wayfinding?

Wayfinding (see the PBS movie http://www.pbs.org/wayfinders/) is a term used to describe how the Polynesian Islanders navigated from island to island using clues from their environment. Course direction was determined using the ocean currents, wind, clouds, water color, stars, sight, smell, taste, sound and touch. In addition they used their highly developed intuitive and clairvoyance senses,  as described in Martha Beck’s book “Finding Your Way in A Wild New World”. After reading her book, the concept of Wayfinding with Horses was born, as it correlated with my own path to awareness and passion with the help of equus. It is a heart centered place where you can organically discover your way by re-connecting with your heart, mind, spirit and mind providing an avenue towards your purpose, passion and play.tbw1

I focuses on those wanting to find their way where by moving past pain, fear or loss to re-connect and align with their inner compass.  My coaching is especially effective for people experiencing life changes such as retirement, family conflict or loss of effective communication, loss or grief. Contact Wayfinding with Horses and explore new directions that lead to the path of self discovery.


The Herd and Barbara Broxterman -President  – Wayfinding with Horses,LLC.

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