I had an interesting conversation today with a young women who said she had a hard time playing and being creative. This seemed to be an ongoing concern of hers and she just wished she could do something about it.

Children play all the time, it is the natural method way of learning, reinforcing, trying out new things and being creative. Thats why children get to “play” make believe while grownups have to “make believe” to play.



Play is fun and entertaining and if it is not, then it is not play.

Play has no strings attached, no consequences or performance criteria, no expectations of a particular outcome.

Play allows pretend to be real while experiencing the experience, from which a lifetime of experiences can be explored.

Play is spontaneous, rewarding, exhilarating, silly or comical.

Play starts with a smile, inside or outside, a smile that grows within the heart of youth or the young at heart.

Play is always a present verb, it is one of the ultimate gifts of being in the present.

Play can last for seconds, minutes, hours or more.

Learning does not always lead to play but play always leads to learning.

Try this, play for 30 seconds an hour, hum a silly tune, blow a bubble, stand on one foot or  watch a leave fall from a tree and whirl with it as it tumbles to the ground. In no time at all each day you will be playing for 5 minutes or more.

Free your mind; go ahead tell it to take a break.  Listen to your heart and have a play moment, embrace it, love it, share it and be in it fully.

Play just because you can and for no other reason.

Wayfind your way to Play!

In Fun,