Roll Over Freud- Rise of Animal Therapy

See CNN’s special.  Beasts of burden, winners of wars and beloved as the sport of Kings-now horses are being used to cure the ills of modern life.

Girl TalkMany have known for years that the horse can provide us solace, give us courage, share our joy,  honor our grief and offer friendship without judgement.  Their method of healing is not to be taken lightly, as a horse can go from trustful to un-trustful or a fearful partner in a split second, based on what you, your body, your emotions, your energy are telling them.  They respond honestly and this honesty cannot be questioned or denied, it is the only truth at that moment in time.  They offer us a glimpse of who we truly are and represent, not necessary what we portray to others.  Are you willing to discover what a horse would say or whisper  about you?