Happy Mothers Day

IMG_0186             HAPPY MOTHERS DAY
Mothers are lovers, confidents and safe havens of gold.
They share their time and bodies for creation of blessings untold.
They cry and they laugh, and get up in the dark of night.
To comfort and tuck you in when the wind howls a fright.

They may be sick or thread worn but a smile to their child they share.
They defend and mend you when the whole world seems unfair.
Mom’s lift you to touch the sky or see the northern star burn bright.
And share the magic of a flower as it turns and blooms with the morning’s light.

They can coo like a dove and sing with the angels of heaven a song of delight,
Seeing your first steps, a crayon drawing, home run or the spelling of your name right.
The can cook up oatmeal, macaroni or soup to feed and keep you warm.
Then in moment create a cake, cookie or pie to celebrate the day you were born.

Yes, they get weary, tuckered out, lose hope and sight of whom they are.
And even dream of another life, another place or some distant star.
But when they look down at their baby, their child, son or daughter and wrap them in their arms.
The world diminishes and love’s strength shines thru, keeping you their child safe and from harm.

A mothers love should not to be taken lightly, like the passing of day.
But honored and cherished and kept for safe keeping for when she goes away.
And so, some day that love will once again be felt, born and shared again
To surround you and your cherished one, with your own love story that has no end.

Happy Mother’s Day