Shedding 4/09/2013



Shedding and Spring

It is spring, the weather is warmer and with that comes green grass, wisteria, pussy willow and lots of hair. Winter hair that is, from the animals. The cows and horses rub on the trees and any post they can find to remove winter’s mud, dirt and heavy insulation. They chew on each other and roll on the ground, leaving patches of matted grey, brown and black hair which the birds quickly take it to make nest.

This past Sunday, as I was walking out in the fields, I observed these patches of hair on the ground. I did not give them much thought, just walked on by. Then as I was curry combing the horses ( a method of rubbing a hard circular rubber comb, in a circular motion to remove unwanted hair), trying to remove the sweat, mud and remains of winter I got to pondering how fortunate the horses are, that they live in the present moment. They grow a thick winter coat, then shed it as warmer weather and longer days return. That is all there is to it.

Horses do not have one thought of remorse about the winter coat, they’ve had for the past 5 or 6 months. They do not morn that it is gone, or that it left them, or that someone else might use the remains of it. Nor do they ponder that it was wonderful because it kept them warm, or terrible because it did not keep them warm enough, or is wet or dirty. They do not want “to keep it” for remembrances sake or for planning next years winter coat. They do not say “good riddance” celebrate that it is gone or that a new shiny coat will replace the old. No, they just know that the coat they have will take care of them. That it will thicken up when it gets cold and get short and shiny when it is warm.

Funny how unlike horses, people are. I have a drawer full of rubber bands, clips, magazines, old socks, shirts, etc., that served me well, but now I really have no need for them. I keep these “things” to either remind me of happy or sad times, or because I might forget those times, or because I might someday need them and that way no one else can use them (pretty stingy, huh)?. I have cards, knick knacks, material from a dresses I made for the kids, old rubber duckies, etc., that I keep and use to blast me back to the past. But unfortunately, when I take these frequent trips down memory lane, I linger with good times or the not so good times. Either way, by going into the past or future, I rob my present moments and there is no way to receive any more of the present. When I stay in the past or get day dreamy for hours about the future I prevent myself from being in the present and living my life to fullest and from experiencing the richness and wonder of the right here, right now! No wonder the horses are content and pleased to be here and now, because where else would they be?

So now, I plan to look at these items with a new eye, as I do my spring cleaning. I ask myself, Do I still need this? Did _____ serve me well? Is it in good enough shape to pass on to others? If not, re-purpose it, recycle it or throw it out (compost if possible)

Thats all for now, I’ve got to clean out my brushes and put some old ribbons and pieces of yarn in the trees for the bird’s nesting material and add my newspapers to the garden.

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