Is your path self-fulling?


IMG_0381So why horses?  Horses have the uncanny ability to detect incongruent or opposing thoughts and emotions in humans.  When the ego (whats in our head) overrides the heart and directs our basic instincts, poor choices are often made, self limiting our potential for joy and happiness.  Human thoughts such as adequacy, greed, competition, retaliation, envy, etc., are not experienced or expressed by horses.  Horses interact with the moment and communicate using their intuition, body language, space and energy.    When I am in the presence of a horse and am in my head and not my heart  the horse cannot truly connect or engage with me and therefore either ignores me or shows me what they know to be true and honest.  The ability of the horse to sense sincerity gives me an instant truth meter or wayfinder, aiding me, the coach, to assist the client find their authentic core, spiritual connection by allowing self-discovery.  This self exploratory process can awaken and enliven  us, leading towards exciting beginnings and self fulfilling pathways.