Bringing You Home

Wayfinding With Horses, Inc. provides workshops and coaching programs designed to ultimately assist the horse’s physical, mental and emotional well being. Such a harmonious relationship brings great joy, ease and happiness to the horse and rider.

That being said, my focus is with the human partner, caregiver, trainer or instructor so they can better serve the horse. By understanding yourself,  you are in a better frame to guide and effectively communicate with others (i.e. your client or horse). This may mean learning and absorbing new concepts and clues about your client.

The CLUES approach is a fast and easy way to quickly evaluate your client or horse and understand what may motivate them, how they learn, respond and what is the best way to encourage a relaxed almost meditative state.  

  • Character/temperament typing,
  • Language of neuro-linguistic programing (NLP),  
  • Understand and read people and the horses external expressions
  • Energy focus techniques that improve the mind-body connection
  • Senses – hon your own and gain a deeper understanding of your horses innate responses.

This CLUES method, once applied, allows you to quickly evaluate your client and horse so you can understand what motivates them, how they learn, how they respond to stimuli and what is the best way to encourage a relaxed almost meditative state.  A relaxed mind is a learning mind. A supple body with lack of tension is more able to learn a new movement or theory. When we understand our own history, rational and choose to release stories or beliefs that no longer serve us we become congruent. Aligned and able to connect and communicate more fluidly. Using the CLUES method, gives us a “leg up” on the world around us and it starts to make sense, become kinder and more patient. “The more you know yourself, the more patience you have for what you see in others.” Erik Erikson

When you begin to understand why you say or react to different situations you are in the process of becoming wise and thus look at others, human or animal, with more compassion. Getting to know yourself is one of the fundamental routes to getting home. It’s not a straight line, just like the long journey between our heart and head.        Home is that inner sanctum where you find acceptance and connection. That ahhh…. moment, although brief.  Home is a place where you are safe, secure and loved. Some of us were lucky enough to experience this when young, others not so. But we all can be home. And I’m not talking of the physical place, but that personal space or inner sanctum where growth is encouraged, supported, and commended. Where trust, understanding and connection is time honored. 

Barbara is certified Equine Gestalt Coach, a Qigong Instructor, A Hero’s Journey with Horses and Equusology Instructor.  She says “When I am with horses, I find my mind and heart open.  I become aware and enjoy a heightened awareness of my senses. All around me are clues or guidepost that I don’t readily see when submersed in the electronic hub-bub of every day life. I am inspired by what surrounds me become open to possibilities. The Universe opens and speaks to me, often asking me to remember why I am here. I know my essence is always loved and cherished and I feel safe. Even though tension, stress and fear can profoundly impact our everyday lives, it it is how we choose to respond or react that creates our way or path. Find your way and be home again.”

Horses touch our hearts, ground us and see us as we really are. They allow us how to feel, be present and to not be afraid while heightening our senses and awareness. Their sentient being resonates a calming vibration that aligns with our heart. Their nonjudgmental eye looks deep within us as they invite us to join their free spirit. Isn’t it time we learned to see them as they are and take them home too! To a safe, loving and encouraging environment.”

Testimonial – ” I wanted you to know about some of the shifts in awareness that I have noted due to your coaching…  I am being more mindful of the support that is coming in and being conscious of those who are offering support.  It is coming from unexpected places and I am able to receive. TF


Why choose a coach?
The Equine Gestalt Coaching Method (EGCM®) is an experiential process where with the aid of a coach and horse, you will safely and confidentially uncover your potential. EGCM encourages you to explore and be yourself in a safe, non-judging environment. Coach Barbara listens and works with your strengths as she encourages your personal growth and beingness. Coaching is the link between sharing confidences with friend (not always the safest place) or therapist (need for professional counseling). 
TAKE the first step towards home.
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Signup, Call or Text  Barbara (352-804-4224) for a EGCM® coaching session  at Wayfinding Farm or your choice of location. Offering one-one phone, personal and family and intact buisness EGCM® coaching and Pathways to Partnership. Barbara also works with horses and their caregivers through , Pathways to Partnership  (see below) and offers private lessons, camps, events and re-treats